Presentation 4: Surviving Disaster: A Victim’s Perspective (60 min)

This two hour presentation provides the audience with a raw and un-edited look at the life of the survivors of fire — or any disaster that upends lives and destroys communities.  Not a text book explanation, this presentation provides a raw look at a victim’s journey and enriches the audience through the reality and tragedy in the aftermath. Take-aways include:

  • Communication – How, when, and why things are communicated to victims is extremely important, learn the top tips for communicating with compassion and empathy to the victims
  • Practical needs – What do people need right after a disaster? How can you ease their burden?  Learn the immediate, intermediary and long-term needs of victims of disaster
  • Emotional impacts – After the shock, how do victims cope with devastating loss?  What services or resources can be provided to help with the emotional impacts of catastrophic loss?  How does the community help families torn-apart or in crisis because of the disaster?
  • Authentic perspective – 

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