Christopher Allan Smith on location shooting THREE DAYS IN PARADISE, a documentary series about the people of the Paradise Ridge before, during and after the Camp Fire.

Filmmaker, writer, speaker, journalist, podcaster, blowhard. Which one describes him best. That’s for you to decide. Too cheeky for a professional bio? Probably. But here we are.

About Chris…

Christopher Allan Smith (Filmmaker) – An Emmy-Award Winning documentarian, Smith lived in Paradise, California with his family until the Camp Fire consumed his home in November 2018. Since then, he has been conducting interviews and research into the history of the fire as well as the lessons taken by first responders, civilians, government officials and private disaster planners, with an eye towards producing multiple projects based on those lessons. He also acted as a Field Producer for Ron Howard’s REBUILDING PARADISE as well as the writer/director of the PBS broadcast documentary A HIGH AND AWFUL PRICE: LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE CAMP FIRE.


(2018 – Present)
Beginning days after losing his home in the Camp Fire, Smith began work on THREE DAYS IN PARADISE, a documentary series on the people of the Paradise Ridge before, during and after the Camp Fire.

(2018 – 2019)
While working on THREE DAYS, Smith connected and began working with the producers of Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard’s documentary, REBUILDING PARADISE. Smith helped find and coordinate interviews, informational connections and contributed footage to the final film. He was honored to be part of a project that told some of the Paradise story so well.

(2003 – Present) is the video production company begun by Smith in 2003, producing a wide range of documentary, promotional and online projects.