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Webinar: The Paradise California Campfire: A Survivor Speaks

June 30 – The Paradise California Campfire: A Survivor Speaks (and Films) the Lessons In this webinar I dive deeply into the Camp Fire disaster and the dearly bought lessons all of those who prepared for, lived through and survived the once-in-a-lifetime catastrophe. Upshot: You can deal with more than you imagine, and disasters are…

Column: The Titanic Had an Emergency Plan–QUALITY DIGEST

The second column for my series in Quality Digest, the leading magazine in the metrology industry (covering quality control, advanced measurement for organizations like NASA, Boeing and more) is live and can be found HERE. My bio and list of all the writing I’ve done for QD can be found HERE.


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Here in one spot I’m putting all my speaking engagements, appearances, writings, video posts and focusing on spreading the word on the Camp Fire, emergency preparedness, dealing with trauma.

I hope you, those close to you and your organization find something helpful here. I’ve been blessed by strangers reaching out, so now it’s my turn.

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